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Our Photos On Display at VAPS

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A few updates from last week's meeting and other small items that have come up in the last week or so. Includes information about the book Neil mentioned "Cambodia with Love", photo enlargements, matting and framing.

VAPS Convention

Neil, Karen and Sue (among others) attended the VAPS Convention to check out the action. We heard reports about the talks and the workshops that went on and, for one, was sad I missed it.

One of the things that came up was Tim Boman's book "Cambodia with Love" and some folks expressed interest in finding out where they could get a copy.

Neil got us some info: The book sells for $20 and are available directly from Tim Boman, he can be emailed at, if you'd rather give him a call, email me for his phone number.

Photo Enlargements

A reminder to members to check our links page for some great resources. Including a link to Photo Enlargements.

Williamstown Camera Club have used Photo Enlargements, Port Macquarie, for a number of print exhibitions. WCC themed prints of "Coffee" for AIPP were printed at Photo Enlargements. Costs are extremely reasonable (the cost of an A3 print barely covers the cost of paper) and the quality is good.

Photo Enlargements web site is:

Mat Board and Framing

Hui Hong International Trade Pty Ltd, 153 Hyde St, Yarraville, has very low costs for Mat Board (the last two visits I brought 5 x A1 size mat board for $15, and 3 x A1 for $10).

Mat frames and framing are also very low cost.

The Digital Show

Member, Simon Brown has let us know registrations for The Digital Show are now open and if you register online before the event you'll get a free entry.

Other links of interest (mostly thanks to Karen)

For more links and stories follow us on Twitter @williamstowncc


Weekend Away: Mansfield Weekend Away

Details to follow

Brooklyn Community Hall
4th May 2019 12:00 pm
Workshop: Portraits with Flash and Studio Lights

Let's make art with people and light. We'll run through a few setups and look at the use of light in portraiture. Different lighting for men vs women, and creating mood.

Entries due for Competition 3: Reflections.

Entries due for Camberwell Interclub.

Brooklyn Community Hall
14th May 2019 7:45 pm

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