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Established in 1965, the Williamstown Camera Club brings together residents of Williamstown, Newport, Altona, Laverton, Footscray, and adjacent suburbs. There are 22 meetings per year in which members can develop their photographic skills, socialise with others interested in photography, and engage in friendly competition with the aim of becoming better photographers.

The Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:45pm at
Brooklyn Community Hall
2 Cypress Avenue

See the calendar for meeting dates.

Come along and join us!

Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.

Helen Levitt
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Print - Intersection <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Print - A Bird and a Hippo <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Print - Sunset Docklands <small>© Karl Zeller</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Set Digital - There is a Lion in There <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Set Digital - Warped Distortions <small>© Trudy Purchas</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Set Digital - St John Cathedral <small>© Neil Anderson</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - Yarra Reflections <small>© Karl Zeller</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Set Digital - Red, White & Blue <small>© Sue Searls</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Print - Formality <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Print - Twice <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Print - One With Nature <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Print - Brown Falcon <small>© Ronald Clarke</small></p>
  • <p>1st - A Grade: Open Digital - Solitude <small>© Brett Ferguson</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - A Grade: Open Digital - Cubes <small>© Arvin Coloma</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - A Grade: Open Digital - Spotted Pardalote <small>© Kathryn Hocking</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Steel City 20 <small>© Karl Zeller</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Brown Falcon In Flight <small>© Ronald Clarke</small></p>
  • <p>HC - A Grade: Open Digital - Bridges on a Starry Night <small>© Jennifer Empey</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Print - Golden Hour at Arrow Head <small>© Leo Loque</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Print - Rundle Ball <small>© Robert Cahill</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Print - Werribee River <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Print - Indoor Waves <small>© Fran├žoise Muller-Robbie</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Set Digital - Edge of Town <small>© Cathrin Plunkett</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Set Digital - Reflected Shadows <small>© Robert Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Set Digital - Mission Pool <small>© Michael Stoltenburg</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Reflections <small>© Robert Cahill</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Set Digital - Glass Half Full <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Print - Still Life with Oranges <small>© Robert Moyses</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Print - Sea Cliff Bridge <small>© Viet Tran</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Print - Goggles <small>© Cathrin Plunkett</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Print - Once Majestic <small>© Matthew Peart</small></p>
  • <p>1st - B Grade: Open Digital - What's So Funny <small>© Tony Arceri</small></p>
  • <p>2nd - B Grade: Open Digital - Pixie and Trixie <small>© Mario Xerri</small></p>
  • <p>3rd - B Grade: Open Digital - Moons on Collins <small>© Catherine Stevenson</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Morning Light <small>© Allan Williams</small></p>
  • <p>HC - B Grade: Open Digital - Storm Clouds Cemetery Bay <small>© Michael Stoltenburg</small></p>


2019 Knox Interclub Selections

Our Competitions Subcommittee met on June 4th for the purpose of making our club selections from the images submitted for consideration as entries into the 2019 Knox Interclub Competition. 

During the selection process the Subcommittee checks the competition rules, including how many images are allowed per member in each category. We evaluate each submitted image according to standard judging criteria. 

If we exhaust the submitted images, and find we do not meet the full quota of the images that are allowed to be selected for our club, we then go back through the images that have been entered into past club competitions to fill up the remaining spots for the Knox Interclub.

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Richard Tatti - NightScape Images

Richard Tatti hales from Bendigo a country town. Bendigo is one of the last major towns in that part of Victoria which places Richard in a great location for night photography, free from the light pollution of the city of Melbourne. We at Williamstown Camera Club are grateful Richard made the long trip to come along to our club to share his skills through a great presentation to our members.

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Workshop: Flash and Blur and Stroboscopic Flash

We'll be investigating the use of our flash to both create blur AND sharp images.

Brooklyn Community Hall
25th June 2019 7:45 pm
Photo Shoot: Fungi Hunting

We're heading to Mt Macedon in search of Fungi. Be sure to pack your macro gear if you have it, bring along something on which to kneel or lay as we'll be getting low to the ground.

Meet up location TBA


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